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In these fresh new jurassic cock videos  we have a horny Asian teen slut ready to take some huge old cock up her ass. Like few girls her age, she knows that old cocks that can still stand straight , are able to please eager teen pussies. And with this particular JurassicCock she didn’t go wrong. Man that guy just pounded her pussy like there’s no tomorrow for the whole evening. Enjoy the sight of this Asian cutie as she gets to let the guy have a taste of some oriental pussy this afternoon and yes we mean that both literally and figuratively too. You just need to check out this video if you want to see a nice and exotic fuck session.

It all takes place in the babe’s bedroom as you can see after she picked the guy up. Well it wasn’t hard to get him interested since their little session started way before they got back. She got her sweet pussy eaten out before this video starts, but you can see that she’s all wet and willing to take a dicking more than anything in this one. So take your time to see her spread her legs and have her pussy fucked balls deep for this one for your viewing pleasure. We know you’ll love her in action and do make sure to check out the past scenes as well if you want to check out even more hot and horny teens getting to do some hard fucking!

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JurassicCock video

For today’s JurassicCock video we have a treat for you. A foxy redhead that puts the old mans cocks to work. She’s a personal fitness trainer that’s come to help the old timer do his workout. When she saw she couldn’t persuade him to get up and start exercising another idea came to mind. Namely to have his Jurassic Cock fuck her instead on working out. And it worked. As soon as the man saw her naked his tool was standing straight. That and we forgot to mention that he was suppose to be helping her out with some gimnastics routines. Well, let’s just get to it and see them fucking like horny rabbits all over the place instead.

Either way, this guy just couldn’t help himself after he got to see this cutie all nude and willing to get to do some hard fucking today too. Check them out getting right to it as soon as the cameras roll and not caring about the exercise anymore. I mean they got all the workout that they needed from the hard fucking they ended up doing and it was just incredible for both as you can see. You just need to sit back and relax as you get to see this cutie getting all the gymnastics she needs from just spreading her legs and taking a big cock in her wet cunt today. Great scene as usual and you can bet that more are on their way for next week! Bye!

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JurassicCock – Old and Huge

This blonde server as a babysitter for the night, but unknown to her an old guy with a JurassicCock was also left home to help her watch over the kids. He got turned on by her teen body with those perky tits, and thinking about how tight her pussy must be at her age. So he put the moves on her and incredibly she responded. In her mind she also wondered if his Cock could still fuck her tight pussy. And boy did it put a show, that big tool fucked her so good she started wondering how she could return for some more Jurassic Cock dicking after tonight. And it’s no wonder really, since she had quite the fun with the guy this afternoon and you get to watch it too.


Anyway, we guess that you want to check her out in more detail today anyway, so the first thing that you get to see this babe do, is put on her seducing moves on the guy to get him in the mood today. Rest assured that it worked like a charm and she then gets to suck on his cock to get him hard like diamonds. Well he wants to repay her too so she gets that pussy licked as well for a while. Then you can see those long sexy legs spread and her taking her dicking. Just watch that big dick go balls deep in her pink cunt today and enjoy the view. We’re sure that this blonde teen will be back in future scenes, fucking this guy some more!

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In this jurassic cock galleries update we have this sweet teen brown haired girl, getting her tight holes stretched to their limits. She was fucked so good she came in no time. Well as another fresh week started off we just had to bring you some more scenes. And of course, like usual with some more hot and horny teens that are ready to fuck hard and fuck old guys too. This sexy one had her eyes set on this mature guy for quite some time now and was more than just in the mood to get to have him fuck her. Oh no, she knows how good these guys are and she wanted him to do everything to her and make her moan in pleasure today!

With that being said, you get to watch this hot and willing teen fucking hard style for this scene as well as she gets to have all holes getting a nice dicking. To start off you get to see some throat fucking getting done as the babe gets to take that massive cock in her mouth and begins to work it with her juicy lips. Then she gets to spread her legs so that the cock may plow her sweet cunt as well and after that of course, she gets to bend over and take it in the ass too. See her getting every hole she has filled with old cock today and enjoy the view of it all. We will be returning as always next week with a brand new update for you all to check out!


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Nicole Ray playing with an old tool

Nicole is yet another hot and sexy petite teen, with a pretty colorful imagination. She just loves role-playing and she went to a local senior home to get some Jurassic Cock in her tight pussy. She played the role of the horny delivery girl, that puts the moves on the older guys. And it worked, in no time she was lying on a table having her pussy hammered by a big JurassicCock. Well how could they resist the temptation of this cutie of a blonde with big squishy tits in the first place. Not to mention that our naughty little babe here was dressed in quite the revealing outfit, which only served to get these guys even harder in the end.


Her outfit consisted of a short white skirt and her pink top plus her headpiece. Well she made the delivery, but the guys were quite turned on by the way she was moving around, almost like taunting them. Sure enough she soon made it clear that she’d be down for a fuck with them as she lifted up her skirt and showed off that she was wearing no panties. Well she’s quite naughty so she had to be punished by them. See her spreading her long legs for them on the table and see her letting them take turns to plow her wet, pink pussy for the whole afternoon today. We’ll have some more scenes for you to check out next week too so stay tuned to catch them all!

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Angel Jay Jurassic Cock

This sweet little angel is named Angel Jay. And angel jay jurassic cock has just one wish. To please old guys, as they tend to be forgotten by the younger generation. But this little girl with those cute glasses knows a secret. Older guys always fuck better than young ones. They sure know the tricks to pleasing a teen girl’s eager pussy, and she didn’t go wrong so far in her quest for jurassic cock. Well well, as you can clearly see, the sexy cutie with glasses is back and you have seen her in action in a past scene sometime ago too. It was about time for her to make a comeback and this fine day we get to check her out getting naughty once more for the cameras.

Well you know her, she’s always happy to fuck some older guys since they do indeed plow her far better than any stud her age. Well, it’s an old dude that she gets to have for herself today and since last time they got to fuck, it seems that she’s his mistress now. And rest assured that they do get to meet a lot on the prowl and do the nasty. So let’s get to see her bent over and fucked hard doggie style on camera once again. You get to see this cutie with a hairy pussy and glasses letting her inhibitions go as she gets into her slutty mode and rides that cock like a champ throughout the whole afternoon today.


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Madison Scott Jurassic cock

This week we have a very sweet update, some very nice madison scott jurassic cock riding for some extra special fuck scenes. Madison is such a sweet girl, and this old guy just had to hit that tight pussy of hers. She didn’t mind having his cock pound her pussy as long as she’d be in for some pleasure too. And you can bet the guy still had the skills to fuck her pussy like a champ at jurassiccock.com and just watch her as she moans while that giant old cock just goes to town on her cunt. Well one thing’s for sure, and that’s that she had quite the joyful afternoon getting her cunt worked nice and hard and it was also caught all on camera too.


The show begins like any classy one around this place and of course by that we mean that you get to see the babe stripping too. Well she did want to get this guy rock hard for her sweet cunt and it worked like a charm as well. See them going at it on the couch as they start kissing and see the babe’s huge round tits getting fondled while that cock slides in nice and deep in her sweet pussy. You get to see her spread those legs nice and wide to have that cock reach balls deep and she loves it. So we hope that you’ll have fun seeing this teen hottie taking a hard fucking today and we’ll be back soon with some more scenes for you!

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Teen slut and an old cock

This teen little slut was curious if guys with a Jurassic Cock can still get their erections. Turns out they do, and boy do they like to teach snooping teens a lesson. Watch this blonde as she gets her pussy stretched in a hardcore workout. We know how much you enjoy the sight of sexy and lovely teens fucking old guys nice and hard and we’re sure that you will enjoy this one as well. We get to see another blonde teen as she gets to have her pussy pounded outdoors by this guy and the whole thing stretches through he afternoon. so let’s take a seat back and enjoy the sight of another cute teen getting to fuck hard in this superb scene. We can guarantee you won’t forget it soon.

it all starts with the babe enjoying some sunbathing at the pool with this guy that was suppose to supervise her. But it seems that our blonde hottie was getting horny, so she started to tease the guy by flashing her tits and all that kind of stuff. Sure enough she got his attention and before she knew it, she was having him licking her sweet pussy and teasing her. Watch her getting to bend over and then see the superb teen babe taking herself a nice and hard doggie style pounding from the rear this afternoon. She quite loved the hard style doggie style pussy pounding that she got and we can only hope to see her more in the future. See you all soon with more!

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Jurassic Cock Alanah Rae

For this week’s update we have jurassic cock alanah rae working on some huge old cock. Alanah is so hot or old guy didn’t seem to have any trouble getting his cock to stand at attention. That teen body and tight pussy sure have no trouble making even the laziest cock turn rock hard. Watch her as she takes care of the old timer’s penis stroking it with care. Either way, this older guy was in the company of a simply incredible blonde teen and she was going to take care of all his needs this afternoon. Let’s take our time to check her out in action as she gets into a pretty amazing and hard fuck session with this mature stud and we can bet that you want to see her in action too.

Alanah Rae looks just incredible like we mentioned. And to kick this superb scene off in a great way, you and the older stud get to watch a superb strip show performed by her. She takes her time to undress and tease everyone with her luscious curves as her body gets more and more naked. And the only thing that remains on her by the end, is her sexy white fishnet stockings too. See her getting down to sucking the guy off first to get him hard and then see her spreading her legs on the nice and comfy couch, prepared to take a dicking. And that she does, as you can clearly see her getting her sweet and wet pussy pounded hard today!

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Jurassic Cock Janie Jones

Jurassic cock Janie Jones is a sweet teen brunette with a tight pussy and a passion for older men. She sais nothing beats an older guy with an experienced cock and the skill to work a woman’s pussy till she screams in pleasure. It’s crystal clear that this jurassiccock has seen plenty of pussy in it’s life, and just watch Janie get her tight teen pussy filled by some mature cock this afternoon. And of course, our lovely couple for the afternoon get to party outdoors in the back yard. Today you can expect to see quite the superb and sexy scene with these two so let’s just get it on and see this simply amazing show going and watching this sexy brunette teen in action.

Well like we mentioned, the two get to go down in the back yard and they have all afternoon to play together. The brunette teen  Janie, just adores older guys with experience and big cocks and this guy has plenty of both. Take a look at our adorable teen getting busy and sucking that cock with a passion to make sure that he’s nice and hard for her sweet cunt. Then you can see the hot teen bending over and taking that fat cock balls deep in her sweet cunt today and loving every single second of it. Enjoy the view and we’ll be back soon with even more all new and all fresh updates for you guys. See you then and enjoy this superbly hot gallery until then!


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